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How to protect New Zealand infrastructure from corrosion will the subject of an ACA training seminar in May

Training essential for corrosion management

As part of its ongoing professional development training programme, the Australasian Corrosion Association (ACA) presents a range of technical seminars and training courses teaching effective and efficient management of corrosion.


Corrosion imposes a massive cost on industry – a cost that has been estimated to be more than 3%, or multiple billions of dollars, of global GDP each year. All products deteriorate at different rates over time, depending upon the materials used, the corrosivity of the environment and the mechanisms involved.

The ACA says it is important that staff understand the risks associated with corrosion and the different preventative and remediation technologies available that help to minimise, or eliminate, those risks.

A not-for-profit, membership association, the ACA provides training, seminars, conferences, publications and other activities to disseminate information about corrosion and its prevention or control.

ACA courses offer the most up-to-date corrosion control information available today and are designed to produce competently trained personnel in a variety of corrosion-related fields. Association members are entitled to discounts on course fees and both members and non-members can book places on all courses and events online via the ACA’s training website.

Protecting NZ infrastructure

Ageing infrastructure is a global challenge that impacts all types of structures: from bridges to buildings, tunnels to transmission towers, and pipelines to power poles. While some asset owners look at their assets in terms of depreciation with the assumption that it will be replaced at some point into the future, the reality is the ability to replace the asset with a similar or even improved version is often found to be challenging, if not impossible.

This is why the philosophies of maintenance planning and corrosion management should be integral parts of the overall asset management plan, and the seminar ‘Protecting NZ Infrastructure’ – to be held in Auckland at the Quality Hotel Parnell on 11 May – will discuss and provide case studies on the challenges and different tools that asset owners, managers and engineers should consider.

From condition monitoring and assessment, durability design, remediation, and in turn the development of maintenance plan and corrosion management strategies – these issues will all be covered, with the ultimate aim of providing the lowest whole-of-life cost benefit for the asset over its design life and beyond.


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