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The New Zealand BIM Conference will discuss the current trends and topics surrounding the AEC industry in New Zealand

Does BIM need a government mandate in New Zealand?

The low uptake of building information modelling in New Zealand will be just one of the topics to be discussed at the forthcoming New Zealand BIM Conference.


Building information modelling (or BIM) has revolutionised the way data for the built environment is captured and conveyed. Its use is growing in popularity and it is the preferred mode of documentation on built projects.

The use of BIM in many countries is mandated by their government, but this is not the case in New Zealand. In New Zealand, the use of BIM is encouraged through the work of the BIM Acceleration Committee, a nationwide alliance of industry and government members which was established in February 2014.

The absence of a government mandate on BIM in New Zealand has caused a lot of debate in recent years. One can also argue that the lack of one can also be attributed to the low uptake of BIM in New Zealand.

The BIM Acceleration Committee, along with EBOSS, MBIE and BRANZ, has shared some statistics on the industry-wide use of BIM in New Zealand in 2017. In their report, they state that both industry and clients were asked about their current use of BIM. They go on to state that “of the clients, 38% have used BIM for at least some sites. This is down from 50% in 2016.”

Accelerating uptake

A government mandate on BIM in New Zealand would not only encourage the uptake of BIM at an accelerated pace, it would also immensely improve the quality of projects delivered. BIM delivers a number of benefits to the entire project lifecycle, including shorter delivery times, improved quality and productivity, increased collaboration and more.

The New Zealand BIM Conference, returning for its second year, goes a step further in discussing current trends and topics surrounding the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry in New Zealand, such as the one highlighted. There will be input from representatives from the BIM Acceleration Committee on the subject.

BIM is more than just technology; it’s also about collaboration and encompasses the entire project lifecycle. The conference provides a forum for BIM professionals in New Zealand to network and collaborate. With support from the BIM Acceleration Committee, New Zealand Institute of Architects and Survey and Spatial NZ (formerly the NZIS), this conference endeavours to be the one-stop shop for all BIM professionals from different walks across the country.


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