Editorial – August / September’19

How are your plans going to make your business carbon zero? How ready are you for the Zero Carbon Act? Think climate change is a fad and the noises about reducing your carbon footprint are all a big have? Think again.

The other issues facing building and construction – diversity, talent and values – By Dr Troy Coyle

Many of our traditional industries in New Zealand, including construction, are often the last bastions of the old boys’ club, but diversity matters – and we should be worried. Why? Because it affects the future of the industry and its ability to attract talent.

Succession planning for your exit – By James MacQueen

We are currently in the longest upward cycle in the construction sector in our lifetimes. As a consequence, it is too easy to focus on making the most of the growth opportunities and battling the challenges which have come with growth, rather than doing some serious long-term personal planning.

Editorial – June / July’19

Have you embraced the arrival of e-scooters on our city streets? Or are you still scratching your head about how they have become so popular so fast?

From boom to bust – the ever-changing construction sector and its impact on your business – By Mark Taylorson

The current state of the construction industry seems to be something of a paradox. On one hand we have a buoyant sector with players flourishing and achieving year-on-year growth. On the other we see a string of business failures leaving behind a trail of destruction and huge sums of money owed to stakeholders and subcontractors.

What could the legalisation of cannabis mean for employers? – By Shaun Brookes

Following the news that voters will have the chance to say yes or no to legalising cannabis in the 2020 general election, employers will need to consider how this will affect their workplace safety procedures and their rights to conduct random drug testing.