Editorial – December’18 / January’19

Global warming is forcing those responsible for urban planning and development to reconsider how and where we build infrastructure that services our coastal environments.

Engineers’ take on climate change – By Susan Freeman-Greene

Climate change keeps engineers awake at night. Our engineers have told us that, after seismic resilience and water, climate change concerns them most.

The scraps – recent decision on retentions in the Ebert case – By Ariana Stuart and Joseph Bergin

The High Court has recently released its first decision on the new retentions regime, which came into force on 1 April 2017, in the case of Bennett, Fisk and Longman v Ebert Construction and others.

Editorial – October / November’18

A paradigm shift in the way architects are approaching the design and build process is quietly shaking up the New Zealand construction industry.

The vertical construction sector fallout – what happens next? – By David Lambie

It is no secret the vertical construction sector in New Zealand is going through a troubling period. Where did it all go wrong? What does it mean for organisations looking to build, buy or lease in the future? And how will the sector adapt to survive?

Adjudication 101 – putting your best foot forward in a dispute – By Tamzin Dempster and Stephanie Panzic

The continuing ‘construction boom’ has been far from smooth sailing for construction companies. Disputes are on the rise, not only as a result of the risk profiles being taken on by contractors, but also due to shifting attitudes toward disputes and dispute resolution.

Editorial – August / September’18

The news of Ebert Construction being placed into receivership at the end of July has set alarm bells ringing throughout the industry, and calls that our construction boom is turning into a construction crisis.

Is CodeMark really up to scratch? — By Andrew Bayly

The crisis around CodeMark is building, and is set to have a huge impact on the construction industry.

Is the CCA retention regime going to work? — By James McMillan and Stuart Robertson

As headlines have swiftly changed from ‘construction boom’ to ‘construction crisis’, a BDO survey shows that approximately a third of building contractors are not holding retentions on trust for subcontractors.