Editorial – April / May’19

The demise of Arrow International – yet another high-profile Kiwi company to fall victim of the current construction boom – is symptomatic of everything that’s wrong with the industry.

A focus on diversity – By Ben Holland

Engineering New Zealand’s new president Ben Holland says diversity and inclusion will be a strong theme of his tenure, and now is the opportunity for engineering professionals to make a huge difference for the good of New Zealand.

Money down a hole? Mainzeal and its consequences – By Brendan Cash and Liam Bullen

Mainzeal Property and Construction (‘Mainzeal’) was once New Zealand’s third-largest construction company. Their projects included landmark buildings such as Auckland’s Spark Arena and Wellington’s Supreme Court. As far as most people knew, it was a large, successful contractor that principals, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants could confidently deal with. However, under the surface, all was not well.

Editorial – February / March’19

Most of Auckland’s major developments of infrastructure have been spurred by the city hosting an international sporting event.

The best of times, the worst of times – By Malcolm Fleming

The construction sector is a curiosity to many outsiders. The public struggles to reconcile why there are numerous companies across the construction supply chain that are experiencing financial stress, and in some instances failing, in an environment in which the current and forecasted construction activity is perceived to be extremely buoyant.

The benefits of diversity in the workforce – challenging the norm – By Yemi Penn

As a firm advocate of disruption and diversity, Yemi Penn believes that the construction sector needs to adapt its work and communication styles, by primarily acknowledging the breadth of talent that women bring to the industry.

Editorial – December’18 / January’19

Global warming is forcing those responsible for urban planning and development to reconsider how and where we build infrastructure that services our coastal environments.

Engineers’ take on climate change – By Susan Freeman-Greene

Climate change keeps engineers awake at night. Our engineers have told us that, after seismic resilience and water, climate change concerns them most.

The scraps – recent decision on retentions in the Ebert case – By Ariana Stuart and Joseph Bergin

The High Court has recently released its first decision on the new retentions regime, which came into force on 1 April 2017, in the case of Bennett, Fisk and Longman v Ebert Construction and others.