Editorial - December’17 / January’18

Does Christchurch have Forsyth Barr Stadium envy? With the city’s aquatic and indoor recreation centre going back to the drawing board, there are calls for it to be combined with the planned stadium.

Still work to be done to overcome the threats to our industry – By Neville Simpson

No one is better placed than those in the construction sector to know how cyclical New Zealand’s economy is – and how difficult that makes it for businesses to have certainty about making long-term plans.

Long-term joint ventures – surviving the honeymoon – By David Thomson and Catherine Miller

Sometimes two heads are better than one, especially when it comes to business. The advantages that a successful joint venture can bring to collaborating parties are significant.

Editorial October / November 2017

The use of virtual reality training – what has been called ‘the gamification of learning’ – is on the rise in the construction sector, with one Kiwi firm recently being recognised in the New Zealand Innovation Awards.

New Zealand infrastructure sector set for major growth and investment – By Peter Benfell

It’s always good when you step into a new role to have your thoughts and beliefs confirmed. For a long time I have been passionate about the vital importance of the infrastructure sector in New Zealand in terms of building and maintaining a strong and vibrant society and economy.

Dangerous building work – safeguards and interventions – By Jessica Hanning

In light of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, it is timely to consider in the New Zealand context what powers a city council has to ensure the safety of buildings, and when the council can intervene if it becomes aware of safety risks.

Editorial August / September 2017

As the general election looms, those involved with New Zealand’s construction sector are keen to find out what our political parties have planned for the future and what they intend to prioritise when it comes to infrastructure.