Editorial August / September 2017

As the general election looms, those involved with New Zealand’s construction sector are keen to find out what our political parties have planned for the future and what they intend to prioritise when it comes to infrastructure.

Planning for sustained growth – By Ashley Church

I’m often asked if I think the construction boom in Auckland will continue. The short answer is yes, but … and it’s a big but.

Are subcontractors burning more bridges than they are building? – By Stuart Robertson and Tamzin Dempster

Building subcontractors are enjoying a rare period of power in this current superheated market. Demand is far outstripping supply for skilled tradespeople. However, many of our head contractor clients are telling us of a current trend amongst some subcontractors who are seeking to capitalise on these circumstances at their expense.

Editorial June / July 2017

‘That Waterview tunnel – when will it open?’ has been the question most Auckland motorists have wanted answered for the last few months. Now it’s all on, with the tunnel set to open to traffic in early July.

Steady business climate doesn’t mean we should get too comfortable – By Martin Jones

We often forget the potential risks of doing business when we’re enjoying a steady economic climate. It’s important for business leaders in the building and construction industry to prepare in advance for potential future downturns.

RMA amendments – tinkering around the edges? – By Natalie Amos and Amelia Watson

New legislation representing the government’s second phase of reform of the Resource Management Act (RMA) aims to deliver substantial improvements to the resource management system to drive capacity for development and economic growth. But does it go far enough – or is it simply tinkering around the edges?

Editorial April / May 2017

The Tasman Tempest, Cyclone Debbie, tropical torrents – call them what you will, but they have all delivered record-breaking rainfall figures during March and April, putting our stormwater infrastructure under immense strain.