Turning scaffolding into art

Who said you can’t put a square peg in a round hole! That’s exactly what the guys from Camelspace, one of Auckland’s leading scaffolding companies, have been doing for the past few months as they recreate Shakespeare’s second Globe Theatre within millimetres of its original design, using perfectly straight scaffolding. READ MORE >>

City Rail Link delivery underpinned by global expertise

As the largest infrastructure project undertaken in New Zealand to date, the City Rail Link (CRL) is expected to take over five years to complete and will be built within a funding envelope agreed with the government of up to $3.4 billion. READ MORE >>

Crane industry needs more experienced drivers

At a time when construction is booming around New Zealand, the greatest challenge facing the crane industry is a shortage of experienced drivers, says the head of the country’s longest-running crane company. READ MORE >>

Helping make Auckland sustainable – By Corrie Cook

A new team at Auckland’s urban regeneration agency will help push through world’s best-practice sustainable development for a region that is projected to account for three-fifths of New Zealand’s population by 2043. READ MORE >>

Why foreign capital is good for NZ infrastructure – By Mr Xingyao Li

The opening of Christchurch Adventure Park in December was a milestone for the people of Christchurch and a proud moment for China Construction Bank (New Zealand) (CCB NZ). READ MORE >>

Bridging the divide between design and facilities management – By Ras Jayawickrama

The construction industry in New Zealand is booming. In fact, about a quarter of the total growth in employment until March 2018 is forecast to occur in construction and related activities. However, with growth come challenges, and as the industry grows it also needs to evolve. READ MORE >>
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