Putting the garden back into the Garden City

A short stroll through Christchurch and it’s clear that new life is being breathed into the city on every block. Greenspaces are in abundance, while thousands of new and exotic trees have been planted across the CBD, restoring its green image while also rebuilding the city’s heart. READ MORE >>

Making Cathedral Square a place for the people again

Regenerate Christchurch has released its vision for Cathedral Square, emphasising that a return to its original purpose as a gathering place for local people and visitors must be front and centre. READ MORE >>

Margin call – By James MacQueen

BDO’s newly released Construction Survey Report reveals an industry under pressure. READ MORE >>

Rail bridge replacement project a unique challenge for KiwiRail

Replacing a rail bridge’s piers without stopping the trains has set a unique challenge for KiwiRail engineers and contractors in the South Island. READ MORE >>

South Island a hotbed of road transport innovations – By Iain MacIntyre

Innovative technological solutions being successfully developed in South Island transport corridors in complement with a wider information campaign are resulting in travel being made both safer and more efficient for roading contractors, the road transport industry, and other drivers. READ MORE >>

Rangiriri Paa project complete within Waikato Expressway

It wasn’t possible to have a public walkover and ribbon-cutting event to mark completion of the Rangiriri section of the Waikato Expressway, as the NZ Transport Agency has done on other expressway sections when they have opened. That’s because traffic has been on the new alignment since Easter last year while finishing works continued and the paa reinterpretation project was completed. READ MORE >>

Focus on energy management for 2018 Facilities Integrate

The premier annual event for facilities/property management and systems integration is turning its attention to the burning issues of climate change and energy management. READ MORE >>

Is the RMA really to blame for housing shortages? – By Hayley Ellison

We need to look at the Resource Management Act (RMA) with fresh eyes. I’m not convinced it’s the culprit holding back development and causing housing shortages in New Zealand’s major cities. It’s the way the RMA is being implemented that has created uncertainty, and it’s time to rethink the way we respond to our urban development issues. READ MORE >>

KiwiBuild – building on your proposals and making it work for you – By Duncan Halliwell and Joe Bergin

Last month, the government’s first round of invitations to participate on the KiwiBuild ‘Buying off the Plans’ initiative (the ‘KiwiBuild ITP’) closed after its release in early May. READ MORE >>
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