Faster housing requires faster infrastructure

As population and housing density increases, so too does the demand on infrastructure. Piritahi is an alliance of infrastructure and land development experts working collaboratively to design and construct projects using a faster, more efficient approach. READ MORE >>

Streamlined consents to boost jobs and economic recovery

The Government has announced 11 infrastructure projects that will be fast-tracked under a new law to help rebuild the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic. READ MORE >>

Trading up – the Budget’s big commitment to apprenticeships

Budget 2020 committed $1.6 billion to trade and apprenticeship training, the biggest investment ever and one welcomed by the entire trade sector. READ MORE >>

‘At your own risk’ – designing geohazard-resilient infrastructure – By Dr Jeff Fraser and Darren Paul

Hollywood producers know the drama and terror of pitting the awe-inspiring, unstoppable power of the natural world against our human smallness. But the stuff of movies is also the regular fodder of the nightly news. Landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami and floods are an ongoing feature of human existence. READ MORE >>

Why aligning with the Government’s wellbeing agenda will help you win more work – By George Hulbert

Although Covid-19 may well go down in history as the most significant thing to happen to New Zealand this century, for me an even more momentous event occurred on Wednesday 31 January 2018. READ MORE >>

Human-induced vibrations – why engineers should always consider it – By Amy Hodgetts

The concept of vibrations caused by human footfall – commonly known as human-induced vibrations – can sometimes conjure up images of buildings collapsing or Millennium Bridge style swaying. But in reality, the ‘damage’ caused by human-induced vibrations is less likely to ruin a structure and more likely to cause discomfort in those using it. READ MORE >>

We need to address the issues restricting productivity in the industry – By Tim van de Molen

With the change of leadership in the National Party, the Opposition has a new spokesperson for building and construction – and he’s keen to hear from the industry. NZCN asked Tim van de Molen what his priorities will be as we build up to the general election in September. READ MORE >>

Restructuring and redundancies post Covid-19 – By Kathryn McKinney and Joy Kaur

Covid-19 has caused – and continues to cause – some significant financial hardships for employers and employees across New Zealand. As a result, a plethora of employment and restructuring questions have arisen following lockdown. READ MORE >>

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